Lena Song's Portfolio

Homework Assignments

Project 1: Color as Medium

Project 1 Process:

Combining Adobe Illustrator with Photoshop:

Project 2: Color as Medium

Project 2 Process:

For this project, I wanted to challenge myself both through traditional and digital mediums.
First, I created a digital sketch through Adobe Illustrator and added vector engraving instructions
by changing the line weights and colors to true blue. Then, I sent the design to the BDW laser
cutter which did half of the magic for me. Next, I spontaneously decided that painting over the
wood would be a great idea. I used gouache and added color wherever I felt like I wanted to add
a pop of color. I painted the background black because I thought the figure in the center should
stand out the most. This meant not adding too much paint to the girl. Overall, I'm happy with how
this project turned out, and it inspired me to create more laser cut work for my final project.

Project 3: Steal this Book

Through Adobe InDesign, I was able to digitally create a zine. I printed out each page to create a physical zine (not shown
here). In total, I made 16 pages for the zine and made it invertible/double sided. I've only added half of the pages here for
simplicity's sake, since most of the pages have a similar aesthetic. I was inspired by the Chinese zodiacs because a lot of the
art that I create relates to my heritage. This was a fun project, and I'm glad I was able to play around with fonts, image
cropping, and other niche InDesign features.

Final Project!

Final Project Process:

Conceptually, this was the most unique and challenging project I've done this semester. I'm very happy with the end result,
as it incorporates elements from the second project but adds more complexity through the 3D layering of wood. I sent each
layer from Adobe Illustrator to the BDW laser cutter. Then, I assembled everything together and painted each layer with
acrylic. Finally, I hot blued the pieces together and created this box-like structure. Tada!!